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The Green Patch Club - Introducing us!

What’s better than adding a new plant to your collection? Well, here at Student Experience we hope we’ve come up with the next best thing! Recently, we set up “The Green Patch” club, a place where avid plant lovers can get together and flex their green fingers. We get together every Monday at 4:30 PM and talk about what we love most, from the plants we just keep killing to, the ones we can’t wait to get our hands on.

We’ve had two sessions so far, but we are just getting started! So, who are your hosts? The amazing (if I say so myself) Maddie and Sapph are the minds behind the club and have a particular soft spot for plants (borderline addiction but we’ll look past that). We wanted to create a space where people could learn the amazing benefits that come with adding a plant to your home, both physical and mental!

To give you a sneak peak, one of the amazing things we get to speak about are how house plants can genuinely help create a calmer atmosphere. Many houseplants have been proven to lower blood pressure, help calm and ease anxiety. When plants absorb carbon dioxide, they also absorb the toxins from the air which help your room stay fresh.

If you want to start your own plant collection but not sure what to begin with, why not take a read of our other blog “Green finger Starter Kit” that gives you the low down of the best plants to begin with!

And if you want to join us at ‘The Green Patch’, keep your eyes out on our event section for the updated zoom link!


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