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PEARSON business school


If you wish to purchase any of these products, please contact the Student Experience Team.


Varsity Jacket

Inspired by the iconic Letterman Jacket, our branded varsity jackets feature a P on the chest, as well as the Pearson Business School logo on the back, are fashionable with the added perk of being super warm! Ranging from sizes S to L you can choose what is comfortable for you.






PBS Mask

Protect yourself with one of our branded face masks! Designed with two strap sizes to fit any face. Your first mask is free!

one size


IMG_0990 (1).jpg

drawstring bag

If you haven't already heard we have a special new arrival to our merchandise selection! Our lovely drawstring bags are limited edition. Our bags are fully branded and feature our wonderful mascot Ella/Jamie! So what are you waiting for?



Water Bottle

Find yourself thirsty on your way out? Look no further than our logo embellished water bottles. This simple design is the perfect size to fit in your bag or rucksack but is deceivingly spacious to fill with your drink of choice.




These cool cups are perfect for taking into the studios with you when you want a drink but need a lid. They come in three sizes from regular coffee cup take away up to our handled version which is for when you need a large beverage. The lids will keep your drinks away from the electronics, if spilt, and are perfect for hot or cold beverages.




Do you want a bottle which will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold? Then you should get our incredible hydro-flask which can keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Don't be fooled by its size, it can hold quite a lot.



Face Mask

Branded face masks taken to another level!

Kick-off your support for Pride 2021 and supporting the cause never has been easier because all proceeds go to the fantastic Stonewall charity!



Pride Lanyards

Our Pride 2021 Merchandise line doesn’t just stop with Face Maks, add further to your style, by also purchasing unique pride lanyards infused with PBS branding. Wear it strong for all to see and know that by purchasing you are supporting Stonewall charity!



Pride Badges

Why not wear with ‘pride’ and show your support through purchasing badges embellished with the pride colours and these are simple but effective and delivers a strong message!

And that’s right - all proceeds will go to the Stonewall charity!



check back regularly for future mERCH!

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