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Green Finger Starter Kit!

Since lockdown, my plant collection has bloomed (pardon the pun)! Once a decorative succulent on each side of my bed has now turned into a 15-fold family and with it, an addiction to turn my room into a jungle utopia.

So why plants? It’s not like a gaming PC that I can get hours of enjoyment out of. Oh wait... it’s better than that! Plants offer two benefits: improved mental health AND increased physical health.

Pre-lockdown, people living in urban areas already spent a large amount of their time indoors which has far higher rates of air pollution than outside their four walls. This can lead to building sickness which causes symptoms like, dizziness, throat irritation, headaches and loss of concentration!

Did you know that human eyes are strained by looking at straight lines for too long? That’s why you find your more uncomfortable in really urbanized areas. By simply putting a pant on your windowsill, you can boost your serotonin levels (happy hormone) and build a more soothing environment that stimulates creativity/focus.

If you couldn’t tell, I kind of love plants and hopefully, my argumentative skills have come in handy persuading you to like them too! So how do you start a plant nursery?

Start with something easy! A Philodendron is the perfect first piece that grows quickly in a vine like structure and doesn’t demand a lot of attention. It loves indirect light and needs a small amount of water every other week.

Want a slightly bigger, bushier piece of foliage? Why not start your plant family with a Parlour Palm? Again, this only needs watery when the soil is dry and enjoys indirect light. But it can still hold up in shadier corners of a room. The best part about this plant is it has the potential to grow really big and add that extra tropical vibe to your living pace!

An oldie but a goodie! The Snake plant. These like medium light throughout the year but be careful not to over water them as it can rot them out. The best part about these plants is that they will emit oxygen during the night and simultaneously absorb carbon dioxide, improving your rem sleep and overall health! They also give a really cool edgy look to your room!

So, three plants to start with depending on what you like! Want to know more about wonderful plants? Student Experience are setting up a club for avid botanic lovers! Check out 'The Green Patch' held every Monday at 4:30pm and learn more about your favourite hobby!


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