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Trials and Tribulations of a Student Rep - With Sapphire Taylor

Hey peeps! My names Sapphire and i was a former student on the 'Art of Video Games' course at Escape. I also so happened to be a student rep during my 3 years of studying! You might be wondering what exactly is a student rep? Well, the role of the rep is to become the voice of your class. Reps attend meetings with staff and relay student feedback to make everyone's experience here at the college even better! Your student rep is the person you can go to with any feedback about the course and your experience. Each class will have at least one representative, with potentially more for specific disciplines. Every quarter, all reps from your year group sit down with student services, IT, student experience and the Dean to listen to feedback and discuss whether last meeting's feedback has been acted on. Feedback sessions like this can be super beneficial for students to understand the process and also have their voices listened to. Students have the chance to relay the things they’ve enjoyed the most, allowing the college to know what to keep doing and what opportunities there are to improve! There’s also a chance of free pizza at our catch ups (not my main incentive but it does help!).

Since Covid, we’ve mostly been meeting through virtual calls to discuss students' feedback; but that hasn’t stopped it from being a great opportunity to see the hard work that goes on in the college! Whether that be from fellow reps or the departments taking the time to listen to what we have to say.

You can reach out to your student rep via emails or on discord to share anything you feel may be worth relaying. Your class rep will also talk to your class before meetings to give everyone a chance to reach out. If you are unsure who the student representative is for your class, check for their tag in the student discord!


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