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Student Resolutions - What are yours?

New year, new goals! If you want to set yourself a target but aren’t sure what you want to achieve, why not check out what goals your peers have set. Recently, we asked you and your classmates what your new year resolutions were and thought it would be a great idea to share these in the hopes that it might help someone else figure out what they want to achieve in 2021! So, let's begin...

For some of you, you decided you wanted to improve yourself in a more abstract way. These included students saying they wanted to “Keep pushing myself forward as always” or “Always striving to be my best version”. We thought this was a great idea as you don’t always need a start date to begin trying to feel better about yourself or motivated. This is something you can begin to do at any time and is something that doesn’t need to be achieved and dropped within a year.

Some of you, went for a more academic route opting to refine a certain skill. One even said they wanted to “learn a language” whilst another has set themselves the goal of “drawing at least every day to improve”. Setting a goal to improve a hobby that you already enjoy is a great jumping off point for success! If you love what you’re doing, then you far more likely to improve and reach your target.

Lastly, others chose more practical goals such as “finding a job” or “saving more money”. Once again, setting goals that will benefit you in more ways than one is great to consider. For instance, if you’re able to save more money then maybe you can by those pair of headphones you’ve always wanted! (Personally, I’d end up spending it on more food and far too much wine).

These ideas are just scratching the surface of what you and your peers can achieve over the next year. If you would like more helpful tips on how you can stay on track with these targets, why not check out one of our recent blogs; “How to stay on track - New Year Resolutions”. See the link below to read!

How to stay on track - New Year Resolutions blog:


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