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Student Awards Rundown

Covid may have stopped face to face events for a time but don’t worry, that didn’t stop the Student Experience hosting the ‘Student Awards’ for our recent graduates! At the beginning of May we had several evenings to celebrate the success of all our cohorts studying at Pearson College from our Law and Accounting students to our Mainstream Business students.

Hosted by yours truly, we had students vote on which of their peers they wanted to award prizes to such as “One to watch”, “Biggest Chatter box” and “Most Valuable Player” (don’t worry we had some silly prizes too). It was so lovely to be able to share with students the quotes their peers had left for them on why they deserved to win. Often, they were followed by giggles and some sort of monologue they explained their decision e.g. if you know *insert name* then you’ll know why they deserve “Most likely to be on the cover of Vogue”!

After the awards we went on to test each other's general knowledge in a Kahoot quiz (because who doesn’t love a Kahoot Quiz). Did you know the Carolina Reaper is the hottest chilli that can be grown in the UK? Apparently, that was one that had people really tripping up! It was great to see the students battling against each other, even if it was for a Gift Voucher on Amazon...

We hate saying goodbye to our final year students, but we can’t wait to see what they get up to and how their careers progress. I know that as a Degree Apprentice myself, it’ll be me next year saying goodbye to the modules, lectures and seminars. Don’t worry though...they still get to be a part of our Alumni Association!


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