Photoshop Effects: Neon effect tutorial

From the grittiest dystopian sci-fi settings and Japanese high streets, to the local fish and chip shop; you can find neon just about everywhere. Here's a quick tutorial for how to recreate the effect of it in photoshop. If you're new to photoshop this is a great way to get started on the software!

1. The first step is to get the line-art of what you're looking to give the effect to (this will be our "Main Light" layer). It can be anything but for the sake of this, I'll be using some text that I've rasterized. Make sure the line-art is in the colour that you want it to glow in later, and

that you're working on a black background.

2. Make a duplicate of your line-art and, using the "lock transparent pixels" toggle, colour the duplicate white (this will be our "Highlight" layer).

3. On your "Main Light" layer, add a stroke of the same colour by going to Edit>stroke.