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My Experience In Student Experience...

If you don’t know who I am, I am Sebastian and i'm here to tell you about my experience working in the Student Experience team (ironic, I know) as an intern.

So let's start with how I got this placement. It was 2019 and I had just come back from my summer holidays and was starting my second year when the internship coordinator sent me an email with the position as I had mentioned I wanted to get into events.

** Pro tip: be proactive with the internships team and show them you are engaged. Get a meeting with the team early on in the year and let them know what you want to gain experience in. **

After applying with my CV, I had my interview with Martina, Head of Student Experience. The interview was great as I got to meet Martina and Sam who were part of the Business Schools Student Experience team at the time. The role sounded like the perfect fit for me as it was part-time (two and half days a week) so it fit around my studies.

So I have mentioned a little tip on internships and I’ve explained how I got this internship but what was I doing exactly! My main responsibilities were to support the general functions of the team like writing content for the newsletters, coordinating the creation of banners, writing blogs (like this one) and getting in contact with prospective blog writers (external speakers and alumni are some examples) as well as helping with the preparation and execution of events like the “An Evening With...” events or our weekly yoga classes (I was mat manager 😁).

This is an incredible opportunity trust’ll learn so much and you will work with an incredibly hard working and dedicated team. This internship not only teaches you new things but gives you room to grow on skills that were already inside of you! For me, that was growing my confidence and content creation skills as well as communication skills.

Come into this internship with an open mind and crazy ideas and i can promise, you will definitely get the most out of this experience as the team wants to hear what you have to say!

** Final tip: this is the opportunity to get stuck in and create your own projects so always come up with your own ideas and see if you can run with them as this will not only help the team but it will also help you grow! **

My experience in this internship has taught me a lot so thank you once again to the whole team for making this a truly incredible experience!

Peace out!



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