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How To Conquer Procrastination


Definition - noun

The action of delaying or postponing something. The opposite of showing willingness is procrastination. (Oxford Languages and Google - English | Oxford Languages, 2021).

"Your first tip to feeling good about deadlines is to avoid procrastination!"

Who is affected by procrastination?

It can affect each of us, depending on motivation and desire to complete a task.

How does it affect someone needing to focus?

Reasons for an individual to be lacking in focus may be, lack of motivation low self-confidence fear of failure lack of understanding perfectionism low energy levels poor organisational skills

Can you relate? Well, if you can, that's fine it just means you need to allow time to work on improving each of the techniques. By being able to begin with organisational styles.

How can one improve these areas?

There are many ways in which you may find helpful to ease the workload, although as soon as you're able to create a good structure you'll feel a lot more at ease. Aim to keep yourself organised and motivated to reach your end target. Don't forget to look forward to that feeling of accomplishment and successful completion. Remember to also be easy on yourself especially when getting through the first few obstacles in any challenge.

Seven steps to reduce procrastination

1 | Break Down the Steps

2 | Keep the Task Small

3 | Set the Bar Low

4 | Hack Pleasure from the Experience of Studying

5 | Use Parkinson’s Law to your Advantage

6 | Be Deliberate with Your Study Environment

7 | Understand Your Personality Type

This clip outlines the importance of the seven steps listed above.

The ultimate tip to putting a full stop to procrastinating...

Begin by choosing to make productive decisions and don't This clip dives deeper to bring an understanding of why each of the seven steps fpanic. Avoid delaying putting a stop to the mindset of using the phrase "I'll leave this for later"

we can all relate to the feeling of procrastination, instead remain motivated and give ourselves healthy breaks.

There you have it, the perfect recipe to resolve any potential procrastination. The truth is even I struggled to sit and just type up this piece. I had every idea and thought process of what I wanted to include. but until one dedicates the right amount of focus and motivation the workload feels like an overly long and complicated structure. The power is in your hands!

Explore this topic even further by watching the TED talk linked below and discover the many ways to become even more motivated.

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