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Happy Pride Month! Some Great LGBTQIA+ Businesses

Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month! Here in the Student Experience team, we love supporting small businesses, which is why we thought it would be good to share some great LGBTQ+ businesses for you to check out this month. Let’s get started!

  • Bunny Style is a British-founded clothes company that works completely online. Started by Matt Orzel, Bunny Style is a 100% LGBTQ+ owned and managed brand operating in the UK, USA and Australia. Bunny Style has some really stylish products from fun T-shirts and shorts to cool accessories such as caps! (trust me there’s something for everyone and they’re really versatile)

Check out their site at

  • The Next Gay Thing is a great men’s subscription box full of incredible products. Get the best and latest men’s grooming products as well as some really nice sets of underwear. What’s even better is you can do one-off purchases instead of a monthly subscription!

  • Bianca Designs is another amazing and fun LGBTQ+ brand selling clothes and accessories from Queens in New York. Get yourself ready for pride with one of their funky “Queer Magic” tees or “Queerie & Eerie” pins!

  • Kiss My Face is an old-school and classic LGBTQ+ company founded in the 1980s by Bob Macleod & Steve Byckiewicz, who so happen to be co-founders and husbands. Their products range from general body care such as deodorant and lovely-smelling body wash to specialised skincare like sun creams which we all need with the weather getting warmer! Did you know they also promote cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free products? (We do love all-friendly kind of products).

Check them out at

Hopefully, one of these amazing companies has caught your eye. Celebrate Pride month in style and help support the community whilst you do it!


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