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From an idea to execution: Thibau tells us about the birth of the TedxPCL project

So, you’ve heard of ‘TED talks’ right? They’re pretty great with some of the best speakers out there delving into all kinds of topics, from ‘positive thinking’ to ‘how to get out of your own way’! It’s such an awesome place to find ideas and be inspired to make a change that we thought 'why don’t we give it a shot?'.

The epic September rush of last year had the idea slip from our minds until it was brought back to the surface through a casual chat between Seb Reca and me. This brought back much of our motivation to achieve this goal and by January time we’d convinced the school to give us the go-ahead and our team of 6 sent out the application!

After 120 iterations of our logo, which took 2 months, and a curation process that led us to narrow down 15 amazing speakers, we are excited to bring you our very first “TEDxPCL” event! On October the 9th, listen in on all the amazing topics our panel have in store for you such as “The Science of Online Dating” or “The Advantages of Being Disadvantaged”. Talks will start from 9am till 5pm so don’t worry about missing out, there is something for everyone!

Check your student's newsletter to grab the code for the free tickets!


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