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Feel Good Challenge - Bring it on Autumn!

Goodbye Summer, until next year and hello Autumn! It’s that time of year we

personally love the most. New starters have just joined the college and are

experiencing for the first time the community we have built here, all whilst the

weather takes a colder turn and we bring out the big knitted jumpers and obsess

over our favourite movies to binge in the line-up to Halloween!

So, why not kick off this month with a challenge. An Autumn inspired challenge that

can get you in the spirit of the season! We are happy to tell you that the ‘I feel good’

challenge is back and is seasonally themed so you can start ticking off all the

activities that remind you of the changing seasons. For the next 28 days, try some Fall

activities like tucking into a roast dinner or having your first cup of hot chocolate!

(Can you tell I might be hungry whilst writing this?). When you complete an activity

that gets you in the Autumnal mood, cover that day with an emoji that relates to it

and once you’ve completed a week send it over to us so we can show the rest of the

college what you and yours peers are getting up to! If you are stuck on what to do,

here are some ideas we have found for you:

• Drink/Eat your first cinnamon or pumpkin flavoured anything!

• Watch a scary movie

• Wearing your best fluffy socks for the first time!

• Tucking into a roast dinner

• Take a walk through the park and see the leaves falling

• Carve a pumpkin

• Light your Autumn scented candles

• Getting your Halloween costume/decorations

If you like the sound of this and want to get involved, go check out our Instagram

page where you can screenshot the poster found on our story!


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