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Day in the life of an Accounting Student

Hey, it’s Eva! I’m in my penultimate year on my Integrated Masters Degree for Accounting. I’m going to go through the stuff that I do during a week in my accounting course, specifically my first semester of third year!

So what do I actually do?

I’m not going to lie to you, since Monday is so heavy with back-to-back lectures and seminars, I usually don’t do anything afterwards. Yes, the timings for the lectures are not the best but, with what the cool kids say nowadays: “it is what it is”. Therefore, Mondays are reserved for post-seminar naps - self-care, am I right?

Tuesday is the day I do most of my work for Uni as it’s one of the days I have free. Usually, the work I focus on is my final project (IL6004) since it’s the module with the most credits (30 out of the 60 credits).

Wednesday is the day for morning seminars! When we weren’t in full lockdown, I’d then be off to university for a face-to-face teaching! It was so nice seeing friends in real life, even if it was socially distanced.

Thursday or as I like to call it “rest day” is my time for TLC so I don’t get too overwhelmed with work. However, I end up using at least 3 hours, if not most, of Thursdays for work. By night, I am playing dungeons and dragons with the Tabletop Society!

Friday and Saturday I spend the day doing TEDxPCL preparations and then volunteering at my local Oxfam (when it was allowed to be open)!

I won’t lie, I’ve completely forgotten what I used Sundays for! I think I end up just playing online games with friends? Good ol’ Minecrafting and whatever game I was playing at the time and rewinding.

Safe to say, it feels good to still be having a good time despite Miss Corona dampening the “university experience”.

How does it differ to pre-lockdown?

In all honesty, the only things that have changed between Autumn Term 2019 and Autumn Term 2020 is the fact that I’m not seeing my friends at the university on the daily and that I am now volunteering at a charity shop.

Throwback to the days when you didn’t have to go on MyPCL to sign a health declaration form and you could spend Monday to Friday, 9am to (probably) 8pm, at the university.


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