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Christmas Movies – The Student Experience Rundown!

We are back with yet another rundown of the Student Experience movies recommendations – This time, it’s Christmas themed! When asking my lovely team what movies, they loved watching during the festive holidays, you can imagine the colourful conversation that arose!

Let’s start with those Rom-Coms you either love or hate! The Student Experience manager, Martina, was quick to give a shoutout to none other than ‘Love Actually’! If you like a white Christmas and multiple storylines to follow, this is for you! Our next recommendation was from Sebastian who noted how much he loved the movie ‘The Holiday’ which is filmed in both vibrant LA and the beautiful countryside of England.

So, maybe Rom-Coms aren’t for you? Maybe you prefer something more traditional that hits you with a throwback from your childhood! If that’s the case, then James says you should go watch ‘Home Alone’! Yes, watch them all and take notes on the intricate pranks you can play (Seriously though, what job does the dad have to afford that massive house and trip to Paris for his 9 children!). Sebastian made another appearance in this category and recommended the ‘Polar Express’ which WE LOVE! This movie paired with a good mug of hot chocolate is just the kind of evening we crave. Probably our all-time favourite which we just couldn’t leave out has to be ‘ELF’ with Will Farrell (Because who doesn’t love pasta with maple syrup topped with all the sweets you can find!)

We’ve covered the Rom-Coms and we have definitely ticked of the traditional Christmas wish list! But maybe you just aren’t into either? This is where Tom stepped in and gifted us with the shout out of ‘Die Hard’! Yep, that’s right... Because what brings on the Christmas spirit better than things blowing up! Another awesome recommendation was from our lovely Sapphire who said to watch ‘Gremlins’ spoiler alert... they aren’t as cute as they seem!

So, I think we covered the obvious bases, had a laugh chatting about the different opinions on Christmas movies and being rather surprised at how passionate our colleagues were about their choices. But the best part of it all was the moment Michael, our Aftercare Coordinator, said he doesn’t watch Christmas movies *insert shocked face*. To this surprising statement our Tom remarked “BROMANCE OVER!”


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