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Christmas Crafts: Gingerbread houses and more!

It's almost Christmas! That time of year to be jolly and spend time with family. So to get you in the Christmas spirit, we thought we would recommend some things to do whilst spending time at home.

Why not try your hand at gingerbread house making?

Building gingerbread houses is a great way to pass the time as you get to create something cool and edible! Will you demolish it within an hour? Probably...

So how do I make a gingerbread house? Well the first thing to do is make the gingerbread or buy depending on how bougie you want to be (but in my opinion homemade is best), we have linked a really easy gingerbread house recipe which even comes with instructions and templates for the construction of a gingerbread house!

Now that you have constructed your gingerbread house, it is time for the fun part,

DECORATIONS! That’s right! Crack out the nuts and Harribo's and start decorating! One of the best things about gingerbread houses is that you can make them your own, you can build it like a tipi or like a mansion because at the end of the day it’s up to you (obviously if you make a gingerbread mansion we will want to see it so please tag us on Instagram).

Once you are done making your creation, tuck into some gingerbread people and trees with a hot chocolate in hand. Why not even flick on the TV and stream one of our Christmas movie recommendations! Keep watching the space to see what we think you should watch this season!

Merry Christmas!


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