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Being Kind - The way to inclusivity

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

What is inclusivity you ask? “The practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups” (Oxford Languages).

In today’s world with everything changing, from new legislation introduced to tackle climate change, to increased access to knowledge through the media, most of the world’s problems are accessible to understand. Allowing you to further educate yourself on matters that impact members of our society who are marginalized or excluded.

With recent events around the World from homophobic attacks to racial abuse aimed at football players, and the Black Lives Matter movement, this sadly has highlighted, that as a society we need to do more to support excluded or marginalized people, and that we still have a long way to go until these issues are eradicated.

If you are ever unsure about a particular topic, start by being kind and having an open mind about the situation; this will allow you to further understand “why” something has happened and how you can bring “change” or “awareness” to a particular topic. For example, climate change and holding peaceful protests in London to highlight that the planet is starting to expire.

If you want to support meaningful causes and bring about change, check out a few volunteering opportunities below:

Greenpeace (Climate Change):

Refugee Action (Humanitarian):

British Youth Council (Parliament/Young People):



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