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African Caribbean Society – Get involved!

Hey peeps! As it is ‘Black History Month’, we thought it fitting to share with you yet another amazing group here at the college. We’re PCL's African Caribbean Society, the all-inclusive community that aim to unify people with a passion and interest in the Afro-Caribbean culture. Our society creates a space where people from Afro-Caribbean and other different cultural backgrounds can freely express themselves and thrive on learning from each other.

You can join in on a range of cool social, professional and educational events set up by us including the fortnightly podcast that gets you in touch with great speakers from the Afro-Caribbean Community. This, along with our Kahoot quizzes on Afro-Caribbean pop culture, debates and Afro-Caribbean food nights are all just a taste of what our society brings to the table (Literally and metaphorically speaking!). 

This society, along with so many others at the college, creates an awesome place for people to come together and share their interests and get stuck in on all the amazing things Afro-Caribbean culture has to offer! We are here to celebrate culture in all forms and show passion for our vibrant history to build a more inclusive community within Pearson. So, join us for all the fun, all the laughter and all the discussions that’ll leave you craving more!

For announcements, updates or enquires follow our socials and pop us a dm to be added to the WhatsApp and Discord group.

'ACS Talks' Instagram Page:


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