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Life as a Game Art Studio Assistant

Hello there, I’m Viktor and I’m a Studio Assistant for Game Art. I’m currently working with tutors like Philip Meredith and Jordan Wills, fellow studio assistant Urim Osmani, and nearly 60 awesome students in the second year of their course!

As a Studio Assistant, I’m lucky to be working in a field that I’m so passionate about! Our work is flexible and really, no two days are the same. We’re given great freedom in how to manage our time as long as everything gets done. Each day we have an hour before the 10 am class starts to make sure everything is set up, students have the right information and once we finish at 5pm, we have another hour to submit our register and help students if they need it. But those are usually the only things that are consistent. Everything else during class time is changing on a daily basis. One day you’re helping a student with UV unwrapping, another day you are looking for extra tutorials on sculpting in Zbrush or trying to fix issues with the IT team. You really have to be quick on your feet!

In a nutshell, our job is to make sure the course is running smooth day after day. Being a studio assistant means you’ll do a mix of admin tasks, IT troubleshooting and most of all, a lot of communication. There’s just not a boring day ever, even on days with no classes, as you can prep briefs, art bibles, or work on a project that can be used for reference in the future.

Great thing about being a studio assistant is that I can still learn about game art while helping others. Students will always come up with questions that you’ve never even thought of. It’s just great having the flexibility and responsibility we’re given, there’s no way to get bored of all the tasks you can do. Like would you believe that there’s still 141 beanies and 682 face masks in our stock? Yup, I had to count them all!


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