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Get a Job in The Games Industry – Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie

Sometimes people forget that some very big video games are made right here in the UK. And companies up and down the country are still hiring, despite the pandemic year we have had. In fact, Games Jobs Live reported last month that there were nearly 2,000 open roles at the moment!

As we see the end of the first ever Games Careers Week, I want to take a moment to encourage you – whatever your background – to consider a job in our wonderfully creative industry.

A lot of people will look at games and think you have to be technical to get started. And we’re definitely fortunate to have a huge pool of talented programmers working in a range of jobs in studios. But our sector needs skills from just about every discipline. A great game needs brilliant writers, superb audio designers, smart commercial teams, savvy marketers, sharp producers, capable lawyers and so many other skills.

There are over 20 towns and cities with 20 games companies in the UK – and over 2200 games businesses in total country wide – which means you could find a job on your doorstep.

With UK consumers spending £7bn on games last year, and with companies rapidly waking up to the benefit of having an inclusive and diverse workforce, our businesses are looking for people like you to help them make their next great game.

So, take a look at careers focused resources such as the Game Careers Week and Into Games today. It could be your stepping stone into one of the country’s fastest growing, thriving and, frankly, fun sectors.


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