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Duck Talk Games

Updated: May 5, 2021

We are Duck Talk Games, a team that live-streams the whole video game development process on Twitch so our viewers can have an input on design elements through our stream and our weekly polls! The service is targeted towards students from across the globe who are interested in learning video-game design by getting involved with live streaming. Our viewers will see the whole game develop with their input...

We consist of 6 MA (Masters) Video Game students who began this company as part of a project for the 4th year. The group formed when we all recognized that we each had similar goals for the course; to learn the skills required to create a self-sustainable video game production company. We quickly settled on the idea of live-streamed game development as we thought the benefits of a service like this would be greatly appreciated by students in our position.

Over the past year, we have developed 3 titles, all of which can be found on our Itch.IO page - We’re currently focused on developing one of said titles ‘Mimic Panic’ as a means to test the company premise!

Our ethical goal is to create a much more transparent community within the industry and in return, we hope to gain customer loyalty and build traction from the publicity of our social media presence, ultimately boosting our game sales!

The best part about this project is the community we have built since its conception. Viewers join our streams from all corners of the globe and we encourage them to bring their stories as they engage with us on stream and the community on our Discord channel. The entire year has been an endeavour regardless of the challenges provided with starting a business. However, the team has consistently shown up every morning, accepted their task ahead with a smile and given it their best throughout the project. That really has driven the idea we created in our bedrooms, to a service that is now recognized and used around the world.

We hope that you can also see the opportunities that Ducktalk Games provides for students. If you would like to see the benefits of free video-game education, be brought to you and millions of others, join our community, and immerse yourself in a world that could help students' ideas come to life! #PlayToCreate' You can find out more here -


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