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Yoga with Bibi!

Since November last year, Student Experience have been organising amazing yoga sessions to help find your zen on Tuesday’s at 5pm! What’s even better is that we have an amazing yoga teacher by the name of Bibi who, is able to take anyone of any level, on a journey of body, mind and spirit! Even after lockdown came into place, we arranged for virtual sessions with her so you can join from the safety of your home.

So why yoga? Why not something else? Yoga is a fantastic hobby to take up. It isn’t just about burning calories or developing definition, it’s a form of workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with breathing or meditation. Whether it is calming Hatha yoga or high intensity power yoga, this exercise allows you to create a stronger connection between mind and body and pushes you to focus on your own practice unlike competitive sports.

Recently, we received some fantastic news that she will in fact be staying on with us, providing lessons for the school until December! If you would like the chance to start something new or to improve your own wellness, then here is your chance. Just grab your mat, your water bottle and throw on some workout clothes; before you know it, you’ll be ready to go! These sessions are free as of right now, so there’s nothing not to love about this opportunity! If this is something that excites you then feel free to check out the link below to see previous sessions and follow Fabiola on her Instagram page.

@yoga_bibi Instagram

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