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What can you get up to on Bonfire night!

With lockdown causing a slight dampern to our celebration of Bonfire Night last year, we thought it worth paying extra special attention to this time around . We have a few ideas you can use to inspire a great evening with your housemates or family whether you want to go outside or stay in your warm cozy homes!

Want to see the sky light up this year? No problem! We have found an amazing article for you to read that lists all the different firework locations in and around London. Wrap up warm and grab a few friends to head on over to one of these locations, and enjoy the warmth of a big bonfire and the glistening display of fireworks. You could go straight from the college after a busy day of seminars or set off from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to check out the event before hand though as some locations are asking you to buy tickets to enter. They only cost roughly between £7 to £10 and allow you to get in on the celebrations up close! Link at the bottom of this blog if you want to check it out.

If you don't want to brave the chill of the night and would prefer to celebrate from home then fear not a we have just the thing for you to try out! To satisfy those with a sweet tooth, we have a delicious recipe you can try out from the  ‘Tastemade’ website! You really can’t get anything better at warming you up than a mug of ‘Bailey’s Chocolate luxe S’mores hot chocolate’ (This is a sweet mouthful in more than one way). This recipe takes 30 minutes to make and can serve a house of four on a cold night. And if you really want, you can take out the Bailey’s for a non-alcoholic beverage! 

Now that you have sorted out the choice of beverage and hopefully a great firework display, why not turn this night into an Instagram-able photo opportunity! With mug in hand and your best woolly hat on, light up some sprinklers in your garden or down the street and make pretty patterns in the night sky.

Check out the links to our recommended streams and recipes here!

‘Tastemade’ Bailey’s S’mores hot chocolate recipe:


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