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Unreal Tournament Rundown

One thing that was a staple in the past at Escape was the Unreal Tournament! Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t organize it for 2020 but this year we strived to get some sort of Games Night in before the end of the year. Well, this November we finally managed to host one!

In this year's Games Night, we had a variety of games. The first being the two tournament games, Mortal Kombat on the Xbox and Super Smash Bros on the Switch. Each tournament had a prize (in the form of an Escape Beanie) that the students battled it out to obtain. Our other two attractions were Jackbox Games where people could compete in various mini-games and Beat Sabre on the VR headsets. The most popular had to be the VR with people waiting their turn all night. Due to the pandemic many of the students haven’t had the chance to use a VR while studying here so it was a much-welcomed chance to check out what gear we have here at Escape.

Throughout the night the students also got free drinks and not to mention crisps and Pizza! And with such an amazing turnout of over 50 students the atmosphere was as lively as ever. Hopefully we can put on another event like this in the future to give students that sense of community that was lost over the past year in lockdown.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our official Student Experience website and Facebook page where we’ll post a link to the pictures that were taken on the night.


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