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Trials and tribulations of the 'TedxPCL' event!

Hey everyone! If you didn’t know already, on Friday 9th of October, I had the amazing opportunity of being one of the speakers at our ‘TEDxPCL’ event. Pretty cool right?!

When I first heard about the opportunity in April 2020, I was ecstatic (imagine a kid about to go on their first roller-coaster; full of energy and anticipation that probably had just a bit too much sugar in their system). I would watch TED Talks all the time and I was inspired by the ideas and messages that it left me wanting to do my very own.

Like with any rollercoaster, there’s that moment where you’re on the flat part of the tracks, watching the edge come closer where the wait for the fall builds that suspense that is almost unbearable. Like that moment, I was waiting in suspense. I was so excited for this amazing event we were holding but wondered if I was ready. What message could I share? What value could I add? I am a 20-year-old at the very start of my career journey so I decided to talk about what I knew best; My story, journey & reflections (so far) …

The title of my talk: The Advantages of Being 'Disadvantaged'

Using what I knew, I discussed how difficult experiences and situations created life skills and traits that make you unique.

Preparing for this event was maybe one of the most challenging experiences I had to do! I had to be open and transparent as well as confident and engaging. But most importantly, I had to be passionate about what I was bringing to this event. I rehearsed almost every night for the month leading up to it. From vision expansion, to creative imagination, all the way down to tonality, annunciation and delivery. I was so proud to share this career milestone with not only my family but everyone who was watching! If you missed this awesome event don’t worry! You will be able to watch the full talk on the TEDx Channel very soon. Keep your eyes peeled till then!


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