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Tea Plus Me: My Small Business Journey

Perseverance and Passion have had a significant impact on who I am and what I have today. So who am I and what do I have? I am Jessica Georgiadis, a graduate, a part-time employee and a 20-year-old small business owner; I am lucky to tell you that what I have, is a small business that I love: Cookie Moon Designs (CMD). CMD is a small product and design (crafty) business that, for now, only sells reusable personalised bubble tea tumblers. I started the idea in the Summer of 2020, after months of research and decision-making, CMD officially started on the 20th October 2020 on the Etsy platform! This blog post is to tell you how Perseverance and Passion have shaped this incredible journey I have now embarked on.

During school, I would hear the repetitive phrase “You don’t and will not have the grades”, I wanted to prove them wrong. So I did. I left school with great grades and started my College journey doing exactly what I wanted, proud of the knowledge it was my own perseverance that got me there. This was also the beginning of my business journey as I started to study the subject for the first time. Two years later I found myself on the doorstep of an education provider that immersed me in real business powered by industry experience: Pearson Business School (PBS).

To be completely honest with you, when I first started at PBS I had no intention to become an entrepreneur or start my own business. The education that PBS gave me in regards to entrepreneurial studies was taken for granted by me as my pessimistic stance was that I could never be one of those people that could start their own business. However, once I found how I could combine my passion with the education from PBS, I couldn’t be more thankful for the education I had received because it aided in the development of CMD.

Passion. In my opinion, it is the most important concept and I want to build upon that. Once I was asked the question: “What do you need to start a business?” My answer was: “Passion”. This is something my father, a fellow business owner, had ingrained in my brain for many years as, without passion, there is no motivation or perseverance to get up every morning and face the task filled day. This is potentially why I was so apprehensive to start my own business, I would ask myself the question “Was I passionate enough?” and I always fell short. That, of course, all changed in April 2020 when I found my passion; I was very partial to grabbing a Bubble Tea whenever I came to PBS as lucky for me, the location is perfect for bubble tea goers. Additionally, in April 2020, a friends birthday who shared a love for the drink was nearing and I wanted to get her a personalised bubble tea tumbler, yet I could not find one in the UK so I made one myself, I had not realised at the time, but I had found my gap in the market thus the seeds for CMD were sown.

Fast forward to the present day, I currently work at a local supermarket (typically at 5 am), and get to come home to CMD every day! It is my perseverance and my passion that gets me out of bed at 4 am and coming home to work twice as hard on my business. As for CMD, the growth over the last eight months has been astonishing, I no longer make the tumbler lids myself, I have a brilliant supplier; I have new products in the development stages to be released soon and the part I am most excited to tell you about is my new partnership with a local bubble tea shop whom I will now be their supplier of personalised bubble tea tumblers for! As CMD develops quickly I am moving away from the Etsy platform and becoming more independent and self-sufficient with a brand new website in the works. I owe a large chunk of my success to the people around me, friends, family and my time at PBS.

Who knows what the future holds, but I can tell you it will be filled with perseverance, passion and bubble tea!


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