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Student Experience Rundown - Valentine Movies

Hey peeps! Your favourite blog series is back again, sharing with you the Student Experience rundown on all the movies we think you should watch...Valentine’s Day edition! If you’re happily single or all loved up with a significant other, we have you covered with a variety of romantic and... not so romantic movie choices!

Let’s kick things of with the classic and soppy! Clio opted to go for all-time favourite ‘The Notebook’ which WILL have you crying (I'm a terribly ugly crier so apologies to anyone who watched this with me). Our trusty Tom chose team classic too, selecting ‘When Harry met Sally’ as his choice of movie for the day.

But...maybe you love yourself an animated movie with adorable characters and even more adorable love interests. If that’s you look no further than Sapphire and Martina's suggestions'! For Sapphire, she’ll be choosing to watch Wall-e on Valentine’s Day which follows the story of a ridiculously cute robot who develops feelings for another, more modern robot (aww machines with feelings!). Martina went for the less sci-fi but stayed in the animation relm with her choice of ‘Lady and the Tramp’ because who doesn’t love seeing dogs eat pasta.

Love has no bounds! If you want a movie that represents the LGBTQ+ community, check out Sebastian’s recommendation with ‘Love Simon’. It ticks all the boxes and so much more!

And if you’re feeling something light and funny, why not try James’s suggestion? ‘Forest Gump’ is a no brainer! (though not the first thing that pops into my head when I think Valentine's Day) it has loveable Hollywood actor Tom Hanks as the lead role which makes it all the more amazing and greater to watch.

If you feel more musically inclined, then Mike is the guy to go to for movie recommendations! His pick was oldy, but a goody ‘Grease’ set in the sparkling 50’s looking at the lovebirds Sandy and Danny. Last, but not least is your gal Maddie’s recommendation. The obvious Rom-Com choice I went for was ‘The Proposal’ starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (did I mention there’s a really cute puppy?).

So, we gave you the funny, the cute, the musical and the classic! Hope you got some ideas of what to watch from this and see you at the next Student Experience rundown!


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