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Staycations Around The UK

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Though restrictions have eased and many of us are enjoying the good old days of going to pubs and restaurants with friends, we are still finding it hard to travel abroad. With various countries moving in and out of green, amber, and red zones and multiple Covid tests to take whilst on your break, it just seems easier to wait until next year when there is less hassle. Fear not, however, because the UK still has some amazing areas to explore for its locals and staycation is now all the rage. That’s why in this blog, I'm going to give you a quick guide to some of the places you should put on your bucket list...that is just a stone's throw away!

As it’s Autumn and the chillier days start coming in, I must start by talking about the Lake District. If you love wrapping warm in big jumpers and going for lovely walks with friends or pets, then this is the place to start. Start your day off with a cosy cup of tea or coffee to revitalize yourself. Put your big walking boots on and start by heading through the many nature walks they have in the national park or maybe hire a boat and explore the waters. After you’ve finished with an active day you can sit in cosy at a local pub playing board games with friends or perhaps grab a blanket to sit outside and stargaze at the unpolluted sky.

Maybe you prefer a little faster pace on your holidays. In which case. You'll be wanting a city break and the UK has plenty of them to offer. The first is a little further down the UK and is the lovely green city of Bath. Filled with sandstone brick houses and Roman Baths, the city is a great one to visit if you love shopping and checking out cool bars. If you have a soft spot for all things green but still have that craving to be in the hustle of the city, then Bath is the perfect equilibrium as it caters to all your needs. Get a cosy apartment on Airbnb in the city centre and start the day off by exploring the Roman Baths that built the city. Explore the bespoke shops and independent tea shops or even take a stroll around the city looking at the architecture! In the evening, you can get yourself dressed up and head on over to the many festivals and markets Bath hosts.

Another gorgeous city destination to explore might have you traveling up north, to Edinburgh! If you don’t mind the cold then this is a great place to explore both nature and the amazing activities the inner city has to offer. Easily accessible by both train, car, and aeroplane, Edinburgh makes for an easy destination to get to with lots of hotels and other accommodation to choose from (and right in the centre too!). During the Christmas period, you can enjoy the splendour that is the Christmas Market and stroll through the various different stalls. If you prefer some more greenery, then why not take a bus or car out of the city centre and take a walk around the Loches. The scenery is something to behold and was often the inspiration to many great authors and their novels.


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