Rundown of the Olympics

Updated: Aug 18

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics hosted in the city of Japan ended on Sunday 8th August 2021. As a quadrennial event, the Olympic games celebrate an athletic festival. This global gathering originated in ancient Greece that then revived in the late 19th century.

Since the largest world sports competition began on Friday 23rd July 2021, a spectacular welcoming ceremony brought forth a two-week continuous action of sporting games.

These are some of the incredible values that belong to the importance of the Olympics:

Outlining Excellence

Teamwork bringing together Friendship

Athletic Respect

Diversity of inclusion

positively holding onto integrity

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“To celebrate Tokyo 2020 is a place where all people and all flavors are welcome. Whether you’re an athlete, a volunteer, a fan or a first-timer, there’s a place for you to express yourself and get involved here.” - Olympics

In this year we saw many new events introduced, including

3X3 BasketBall

Freestyle BMX

Along with mixed-gender teams being formed.

Madison Cycling - with a return for men and an introduction to the sport to open it up to women!

With the results coming through, the USA Team won with a total of 113 medals, putting Britain in 4th place with 65 medals.