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Return of the 'Clio' - She's back everyone!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Hi Everyone! Thought I would introduce myself so here it goes. My name is Cliodhna and before you stress about trying to pronounce it, don't worry! you can call me Clio. I am a Student Experience Coordinator at Escape helping with any queries you might have, writing sections for our newsletter and just being a friendly face. Most importantly part of my role is really just to make sure you have the best experience whilst here with us.

Fun fact! I'm not completely new to the role. I first started here back in 2017 (sounds forever ago!) as a Student Experience Coordinator and was here until Summer 2019. I am even proud to say I was there when we sent out our first ever Newsletter “Week One”!

Though I left for a short while, the allure of coming back was too much so here I am! Having just come to the end of my first month back, it's been super amazing getting to know you all and remembering how cool all our students are. As much as I don't miss being squished against someone's armpit on the tube... I really can't wait to get back to campus and see everyone, not just through a computer screen!

As much as I do want to be back in our office at 190, seeing you all in the breakout space talking about your new upcoming projects, there are perks of working from home. I’ve found there’s so much more time to catch up on stuff you love so for me, I've been able to do a lot more creative writing again whilst juggling my law degree on the side (yes, it is stressful!). Something I’ve learnt recently from lockdown is we have to make the best out of a far from ideal situation... But I won't bore you any longer!

Peace Out!


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