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Presentation Skills Workshop Rundown

Did you miss the Presentation Workshop that landed Tuesday 17th February? Fear not! The blog is here to give you the full rundown of what you missed. So what was it? Bella Glanville, international model, motivation and TEDx speaker gave us an amazing workshop where we could hone our presentation skills. Bella provided numerous tips from where to stand on stage to eye contact whilst presenting, and so much more! Because we like are some tips you might find useful:

  1. Talking with slides - less is more! Slides are great for visual learners who need visuals to learn. If you are going to have slides Bella suggests you make them basic,“The less the better” as they are only there to help you.

  2. Emotion and tonality - it’s not just where you stand but also the emotion and tone of your voice which conveys a message. Showing emotion shows more authenticity. No one listens to a robot so try to stress certain points with some emotion in your tone to give it more strength.

  3. Body Language - If someone is full of expressive and energetic body language aren’t you more likely to engage and listen to them? Remember your body language can help you to tell the story, plus people will connect more with what you are saying through your body language. People are less likely listen if you are hunched over playing with your hands.

  4. What to wear - Think about someone wearing a sesame street shirt or a stripy/patterned outfit people will get distracted, avoid anything eccentric or bright as you will distract. The best colours to wear according to Bella are: Black is good for any occasion (though there is a saying that you wear black if you don’t want people to trust you), red if you want to appear confident, blue to convey trust, purple converys wealth and grey is another good colour to wear.

  5. How to prepare - don’t write your presentation like a script and present it robotically. Be confident in yourself, not the words. Don’t over-rehearse, the most engaging talks seem like they have come up with it on the spot or they are having a conversation. So try to find a sweet spot between the two. Get confident in speaking in front of people then focus on what you are saying, if you want to learn a script learn it but when you deliver it make it sound natural like a conversation. Remember less is more.


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