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Places to grab lunch around 190HH!

We are very fortunate to have our campus in the heart of central London amongst the hustle and bustle. As much as we all love a cheap meal deal from Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s, sometimes you want a nice warm meal freshly prepared. This blog will give you the lowdown on some great gems within spitting distance from the campus.

The campus is situated near to the Kingsway road which is full of many chain restaurants such as Leons, Itsu, Wasabi, Wagamamas, Greggs, McDonalds, and so many more (so we won’t list them all). At our campus in 190 High Holborn, you can enjoy the perks of being close to both Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Blackfriars!

But even closer to our amazing college is Drury lane which takes a mere three minutes to walk to as it situates itself behind our building and boasts some of the best spots to grab lunch!

  1. The Drury: This place is our favourite coffee shop. With their incredible food and big cakes, you can never go wrong with something from The Drury. Trust us... their portions are great for the price they sell at and their brownies are borderline addictive!

  2. Ecco Pizza: This place is a staple for any PCL student with their cheap pizza’s (starting from £3.90) and delicious sandwiches. This little shop will become your new favourite pizza place (trust us) not just because it has great prices and is literally around the corner, but also because their pizza’s are actually really good! So good in fact they often feature at our much loved events...

  3. Hoa Sen: Not too far down Drury Lane from The Drury and Ecco Pizza there is another great restaurant. Hoa Sen is probably the best asian cuisine restaurant around as they have great portions and good prices so you can never go wrong with them! We suggest going on an empty stomach because we doubt you’ll be able to choose from their fantastic selection.

As you can see there are many great options for lunch around High Holborn so you will never go hungry. Don’t forget to check out our other blog on places to go near 190HH as well as our blog on the best student discounts!


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