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Pearson Spectrum UK: Flying the Flag for LGBT+ Employees

Pearson Spectrum UK is the employee resource group (ERG) for Pearson’s LGBT+ employees and their allies. It is the British chapter of a global network of Spectrum ERG’s that unite and represent Pearson’s LGBT+ employees globally.

But what is an ERG? In simple terms, it’s a group of employees with shared characteristics, experiences or a shared interest, who work together to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Within Pearson, there are many ERG’s, such as those for employees with a passion for gender equality, veterans, older employees as well as employees from ethnic minorities and those with a disability.

ERGs membership is completely voluntary, and employees make time out of their day, where they can, to support projects and initiatives that will improve the experiences of employees at work. Each ERG is headed up by a Committee, made up of certain ERG members who take on extra responsibilities. This can include working with senior management and external organisations to help drive change and get large-scale projects off the ground.

In recent years, Pearson Spectrum UK and its Committee have worked tirelessly on countless projects. This has included (but is definitely not limited to):

  • Applying to take part in London Pride

  • Introducing the functionality for employees to include their pronouns in their email signature and intranet profile page

  • Reviewing HR policies to ensure visibility and equality. In the workplace harassment policy, a specific example was added to unequivocally show that deliberately misgendering an employee constitutes harassment

  • Partnering with Stonewall, a leading LGBT+ charity, to produce guides for schools on how to incorporate LGBT+ history into the curriculum

  • Producing (and currently updating) content and editorial guidelines to ensure that Pearson’s products and services are inclusive

  • Partnering with external organisations to sponsor and support diversity in education conferences and events

  • To close off Pride Month 2021, the CEO of Pearson Global (!) hosted an online DJ set featuring a range of Pride-themed employee-favourite tunes.

ERG’s play an invaluable role in organisations and it’s always important to look at an organisation’s attitude towards diversity and the ERG’s they have when considering applying for a job. After all, #lovewins!

IG: @pearsonspectrumuk


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