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New Releases - Rundown of the Latest Movies

This year seems to be on the up and up with lockdown easing and life being able to go back to normal (well...relatively normal). As cinema’s have just opened their doors to us once again, we want to give you the low down on all the films coming out this year in the hopes it’ll have you back in the seats of your local Cineworld!

The first thing to cover is the action films. If you know anything about the Student Experience team, it’s that we really love our action films. On the 30th of July, the second Suicide Squad will be released to cinemas, and we can’t wait. In this movie, you can watch as Bloodsport, Peacemaker, King Shark, Harley Quinn and others are shipped to an enemy riddled island Corto Maltese to once again fight off another evil force. What screams action more than supervillains fighting against each other! The next action movie we recommend putting on your “To watch” is The King’s man, the sequel to The Kingsman movies we love so much. This follows the story of how the Kingsman organisation came to be as the protagonist's race against time to stop the worst tyrants of the world starting a war that could wipe out millions. Though there isn’t an exact release date yet, we think it’s still worth keeping your eyes peeled.

The next on our list of what to watch just had to be Marvel related! Disney, the owners to the rights of Marvel Studios has released some fantastic movies and series all related to some of our favourite hero's. The first we have to talk of is ‘Black Widow’ which will be coming out at some point next month (July). Watch as you find out Natasha Romanova’s (Black Widow’s) origin story from her birth and adoption into the KGB to her training which makes her the ultimate operative. We don’t think you should miss out! Now it’s time to look towards one of Marvel’s best villains (or anti-hero depending on your opinion) Venom. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is coming out this September is the sequel to the first Venom movie but this time, a new even more cunning villain is on the horizon named Carnage!

There are so many more movies we would love to tell you about but most likely, we’d be here forever if I could keep going. Check out the trailers to the movies I’ve mentioned below and give this blog a like!


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