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My journey - Creating my own virtual life-coaching business 'Greater Elevation'

So, today I am going to take you through my journey of how I started my own virtual life-coaching business. After working with teenagers and young adults in several different roles for over 10 years, I realised that my purpose was to support young people and help them to raise their aspirations.

Before I started my business I was being coached by a Life-Coach who pushed me to discover my purpose. On July 7th, 2000 (in the first lockdown) 'Greater Elevation' was born!

I started off with no money, no website! I created a business Instagram & Facebook account. I began posting on social media not having a clue of what I was doing, and it is plain to see if you look at my earlier! However, now they have vastly improved.

I invested in a business mentor who helped me to put together a strategy for my business. I also had access to a community of like-minded people who were also on the business journey. If you are thinking that you can start a business by yourself and remain motivated when you are faced with challenges, think again! I still work full-time and yes, it has been difficult to juggle the business and full-time job however, I work to a schedule.

Here are some things I discovered on my business journey:

There are incredible highs and lows I have had some of the highest highs and the happiest moments I could remember while running my business. But it also comes with some of the lowest lows, such as many sleepless nights and fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I feel it is very important to celebrate the smallest of victories.

Networks Are Critical When I joined my first official mastermind networking group, the business started to take off and I landed a partnership with an organisation in Jamaica. Surrounding yourself with the right people from the start (ideal clients, business mentors, coaches, accountability partners) will help you tremendously both when you are starting up and down the road.

There is No Set Path

I started my business and knew exactly how I was going to get there...until it all changed! It is great to have a business plan and a strategy, but I am now discovering that it is ok change directions. In fact, that’s good business!

My business has just reached over one year old and I can say with utmost certainty that I have only just scratched the surface. I can't wait to see where I'll be by the second year...


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