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Musings and Advice from a 3rd Year Student

Hey peeps, I’m back with another blog! Are you a first-year or second-year student? Yes? Then this blog will give you a little insight into what it’s like to be a third-year.

I am a Business Management student (with marketing) in my third year at Pearson College. To say I have learnt my fair share of lessons throughout this year would be an understatement… so without further ado, let’s get started!

Everyone will tell you that you specialise more in your final year than any other. Though it does get more intense in your second year, you still have some overlap with other subjects and find it steps up a lot more in your final year. You might be thinking “does that mean I’ll be on my own a lot more during my final year?”. Well... yes and no. Though you would be working more independently, taking specialised modules that fit with what you want to learn, you would still have standardised subjects that everyone in your year would take.

One thing I would say is the workload differs immensely from the first and second year compared to my third. In the first term of my final year, I had four modules each with their own presentation and essay (4000 words, 3500 words, 3000 words and 2000 words). All those numbers may sound very scary (especially if you add the 10% allowances), so plan ahead! Planning is your friend! Start collecting articles and books to include in the different sections of the essays. Layout the essay page with the individual questions and the links of useful journals and books to answer that question of the brief.

Manage your time responsibly, uni isn’t the only thing in your life! Don’t leave all the essay’s and presentation prep to the last minute. Give some time for lectures and seminars (as well as seminar prep) and then allocate some time for each module to research and structure the essays/presentations. Planning and time management are lifesaver’s, especially when you have feedback deadlines as well as actual deadlines. In the third year, not only do you have a 500 word formative feedback opportunity, but you can also hand in a full first draft to be checked before uploading your final piece.

I hope I haven’t scared you and good luck!


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