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Movember - How you can get involved!

Whilst our “evening with blOKes” was postponed due to measures outside of our control, we are still keen on hosting an evening with blOKes allowing us to highlight such an important cause.

That’s why you should stay tuned for the New Year as we will provide further information regarding this.

What’s blOKes about?

“blOkes”, a mental health community interest company aiming to bring awareness to Men’s mental health and providing a platform for Men to talk about their mental health without fear of being judged or treated differently.

How can you help blOKes?

Supporting local charities can make the difference and contribute directly to the charity’s meaningful projects and community initiatives. There are many ways as a student you can support blOKes, find below some examples.

1. Spread the word - Using social media to spread awareness for an important cause can be beneficial to a small-sized charity such as blOKes to get their message across to a wider audience. Tweet or post @blOKes using the #TaleMale to tell your story or spread awareness of Men’s mental health.

2. Purchase merchandise - Purchasing blOkes’ clothing gear can provide blOKes the money needed to continue funding their initiatives and programmes to spread awareness about Men’s mental health within schools and the local community. Also, you get a warm hoodie or training top.

3. Get running or moving - Raising money for blOKes via a fundraising page can spread the word about blOKes and your story for ‘why’ you are running or doing an activity for blOKes.

4. Contact blOkes - Many smaller charities such as blOKes appreciate receiving emails with messages of support or from people who are keen to support their charity. Why not reach out and see how you can support blOKes directly.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Movember blog series covering from what’s on offer from the College to hearing Joe Bercis’ story.


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