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Mental Health Matters - With Kevin Lyons

During the month of June, we celebrate Men’s Mental Health, and it just so happens we are also currently within Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on this area of mental health!

So why is the mental health of men important to focus on? Of course, the mental health of all genders is important, and the question arises from concern at the level of male suicide and the difficulties presented by stereotyping in society. As the excellent book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explains (“We should all be Feminists”) there is a very tight definition of what is called masculinity and it covers mental strength and a lack of outward emotion.

Something I found interesting when delving into the world of mental health for men was the documentary by Roman Kemp “Our Silent Emergency“. It was illuminating and thought provoking and offered a look into why there is such a stigma surrounding men's health. I really like the idea of the two OKs – are you OK, are you really OK?. If you have an evening free and need something to watch, I would highly recommend sitting down and clicking the 'play' button.

"Our Silent Emergency" documentary by Roman Kemp -

I believe that companies need to have a broad range of wellbeing options from an employee assistance program to trained mental health first aiders to a mindfulness program as well as physical and other intervention programs. In this podcast that collaborated with BMR on, I explore this and the intersection with other areas that affect mental wellbeing. You can check it out using the link here!

If you love podcasts then you are in for a treat as we have not one, but two for you to listen to! This podcast, also by BMR, explores how we engage with men on mental health and challenges that come with this. It's a fantastic listen and offers amazing insight and potential support so click below to start listening.

Let's talk about mental health more – it matters. Let's understand that where we have a problems, such as men’s mental health, then we need to explore it. To understand and seek solutions!


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