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Life of a Dior Intern

Hi! My name is Gabriele Sartauskaite and I’ve just recently finished my degree, studying business management with global industries at Pearson Business School. Alongside my studies, I worked for ARKET, a Nordic sustainability-driven brand for 3 years, where I developed my skills in customer service, stock organisation, auditing and leadership. When I started approaching the last few months of my studies, I wanted to accelerate my work experience, skill portfolio and essentially start thinking of long term career prospects. So how did it all happen?

I knew I wanted an Operations based internship through studying the Operations and Project Management module, where I found myself most engaged with the various planning techniques and the implementation of productivity and efficiency-enhancing measures. I also wanted to combine that with my interest in luxury branding and appreciation for brand heritage. I started my search on the LVMH website, home to some of the world's finest brands. When I stumbled across the Dior internship placement, I quickly submitted my CV and Cover Letter as it matched exactly what I was looking for, and to my surprise, I received an invitation to an interview just 30 minutes later!

The first interview was nerve-wracking as I fell in awe with the potential of getting this internship. It consisted of a pre-recorded interview when I would virtually be selling myself as the ideal candidate for this internship! There were 15 questions that I would have to answer all served around Christian Dior, brand heritage, product knowledge and most importantly what I can bring to the company, all the staples of a job interview. Upon succeeding in the first stage, the next stage was a phone interview with HR personnel who would further question my interest in Dior and my past work experience. Following the phone call interview, I was booked in for a virtual meeting and interview with the Operational Manager of Dior! Where I was once again fighting for my spot, selling my qualities, and answering scenario/situational questions for around 30 minutes! To my surprise, the whole process was yet still not over! Following that interview, I had one last one with Dior’s deputy manager, who would further ask me questions surrounding me and my interest in Dior. It was one long week of interviews while also finding the time for my studies! However, following the interview with Dior’s deputy manager, I received a phone call roughly 30 minutes later from HR inviting me to join their team as an Intern!

So what do I do?

This internship is 9 months long and 40 hours a week so right now my whole life is centred around this brand but I love it! On a daily, my responsibility involves ensuring high levels of stock control, supporting the efficient running of the store, sorting discrepancies, customer service, back of house maintenance, supporting photoshoots and campaigns, I mean the list goes on! Every day is different! I’m very excited to see what happens in these next few months!


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