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How to secure that internship!

There is no question that internship experience is super valuable and looks great on your CV!

So, what is an internship? Well... It allows you to apply all that knowledge you have been gaining during your program and with the right internship, will give you inside job knowledge, relevant experience, and networking worth its weight in gold … but the question is … how do you secure one?

Knowing how to get an internship isn’t rocket science but knowing how to ‘sell your brand’ is important if you are looking to secure that perfect role. Let’s go through some basic steps to help you ...

  1. Target your areas of interest: Make a list of what you like to do, your accomplishments, the skills you have and what you are looking to learn. Think about some industries you would like to work in and make a list of companies and specific roles that interest you! Check out the company websites using LinkedIn to help you with your research, but the key is to think about how your skills, interests and goals align with the company. This will help you in getting a better understanding of what type of internship you are looking for and what will be the right fit for you!

  2. Do your homework: What I mean by that is talk to people in the know. Have you booked a meeting with the Internship team? They can really help you in sourcing and securing that internship! If you bring your initial research with you, they can really help you focus down on what you want to get from your internship. Make sure you are signed up to the college internship page on LinkedIn where we post new opportunities and check the job pages on the Work Fit Centre.

  3. Consider the value: An internship’s value, lies in the experience you’ll gain and the skills you’ll develop. What will it mean to you, from both a professional and an academic standpoint, and ask yourself is this the right time and am I ready? Perhaps, a virtual internship would be best – especially if you are in your first year. Check out which is a great place to engage with virtual internship challenges.

  4. I am ready to apply: If you have found your dream internship then speak to us – you will need an up-to-date targeted CV and a cover letter. We can help you position that, so make sure you have shared that with us at

Just remember, it’s about finding the right internship for you but also, being open to explore all types of businesses. Whatever you are looking for, we in the Internship team are here to help you!


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