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How raising funding can accelerate your growth!

Over the course of my career I’ve met hundreds, possibly even a thousand entrepreneurs. I trained as a Chartered Accountant with PwC, have been fortunate to have lived and worked in 3 countries (Canada, Switzerland and the UK) and travelled on business to around 40 countries.

During the “noughties” or 2000’s so to speak, I was the CFO of three very different companies that all had one thing in common. One was a PR agency, the second a digital media and publishing business and the third an online auctioneer of used industrial equipment. Very different. What they had in common was that they raised money from investors and bought other companies. Over the course of my career, I have raised more than £100 million and bought or sold two dozen companies.

You see, raising funding gives you financial firepower that lets you take bigger decisions and larger steps than you might otherwise have thought possible. When I joined the digital media and publishing business, sales were £1.1 million. Three years later sales were £27.7 million. That’s 25x growth in three years. We raised £60 million and bought 7 other companies to achieve it. Organic growth, where a good year might be 25-30% growth for an established business, just doesn’t compare.

Over the last 10 years, access to funding for smaller entrepreneurs and startups has really blossomed. Don’t get me wrong. Securing funding is still hard work, but it is something that is now in the realm of the achievable for entrepreneurs who are prepared to put in the effort and structure their company in the right way with the right team. There has been huge growth in crowdfunding, angel investors and venture capital, and if you’re in the UK there are legitimate tax schemes called EIS and SEIS which make the investment proposition even more attractive.

If you’d like to learn more about this, please check out my book Add then Multiply which is available on Amazon, Audible, Spotify and Apple Music or you can contact my team on

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