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How Can I Make My Money Go Further?

Ever found yourself struggling to save or finding your paycheck doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like it to? With prices for everything feeling like they keep going up, it can be hard for any student to feel like they can save something each month. Here at Student Experience, we want to give you a few tools we think might help you budget and save.

For those of you that rent, you'll know how it can be one of the biggest outgoing costs, and it can often be hard to know what you can and can’t afford! Instead of making guesses on what your budget is, why not try out this rent calculator we have found for you on the ‘Save the Student’ website! This takes into account not only what you earn monthly but also your other outgoing expenses like water, groceries, social life and mobile phone bills. This then helps calculate what you can afford and even gives you a map to show you the average weekly price for accommodation around the UK!

If that wasn’t enough, this website also offers an amazing cheat sheet you can download free of charge which has over 50 money saving hacks from cheap date ideas, saving apps and even side hustle ideas to bring in some extra cash! One of our favourite apps listed on there is ‘OLIO’! This app gets you in touch with people who are giving away free food or household items allowing you to help reduce waste and save on groceries (anything green and cheap is like music to our ears!).

If you like the sound of these tools and you think they might help you save just that little bit more, check out the links left for you below! And if you want more content like this, smash that heart button (give the blog some love we say!).

Rent Affordability Calculator:

Student Money Cheat Sheet:


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