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Graduate to next Level with James Church

Hey! I’m James and I was a student at Pearson Business School, I studied Business Management with Marketing and graduated in 2019. Like many others, I wasn’t 100% sure what to do after finishing my three years at Pearson. So here are some tips about job hunting and things I’d tell my younger self from my time at the College.

Firstly, attend as many Industry days and Evening With...’s as possible, these events are always a good talking point during job interviews but can also really help in finding what sort of path you might want to take after uni. These industry days so useful in demonstrating the unique learning experience you’ve had while studying at Pearson.

Getting an internship can be competitive and hard to come by, but writing your final project/dissertation on an industry you want to get into and learn more about is perfect. No one can stop you from learning about the industry this way and becoming an expert before you have any ‘experience’. This can also be something to have in your locker during an interview or to help you fill out those long application forms.

Make the most of what’s available to you, the tutors are there to help and getting feedback on a simple plan or draft is better than getting no feedback at all. Use the CV services etc and mock interviewing prep as this is something that isn’t available to everyone so gives you an advantage over other candidates.

Finally, to be resilient while job hunting, use different websites to find a variety of jobs, there are loads of sites that are dedicated to helping you find a graduate role and of course the work fitness app is a great place to start when getting ready for job hunting. Not everyone will have the same journey after university, there are lots of different platforms and routes to take, some will go for Graduate Schemes, some people love using LinkedIn others hate it, some will go on to further study. You’ll find the method that works best for you, and with some resilience and determination the right job will work out.


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