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'Evening With...' Rundown – With Michael Chow!

In the latest instalment of our exciting virtual series, we had the pleasure of welcoming a special guest. Not only is he an Oscar Winning Animator and Bafta Nominee, he is the Head of Animation at Passion Pictures and has been involved several times with our Industry Mentor sessions. Aldo Gagliardi took us on a journey through his career beginning with how he got started on the path of Animation. He followed on by giving us some insight into what it was like to work at some well-known studios. With titles under his belt like ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘Gravity’, you can imagine there was a lot of hard work that has been done.

But, “with every great success comes great struggle”. Aldo was also very open with us about the times in his career where he was concerned about a project and let us know that it’s not a bad thing to voice a concern if you truly believe it will improve the outcome. One of the main things that we took away from the session was that Aldo is more than just an Animator.

Throughout his career, Aldo has sought out multiple ways to refine his creativity through the written word. Staying creative in more than one way could be advantageous in several ways and having the freedom to express that creativity, not only at the computer, but also on the move could help you to nurture your passion of creation. If that wasn’t enough already, Aldo also took the time to answer all of the questions our attendees had from COVID-19’s affect on the industry and workflow, to his favourite shots in short films he found inspirational.

Needless to say, it was a pleasure to host Aldo on our virtual series and we are looking forward to seeing what he does next!


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