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Drawing Club - Doodles and laughs!

Drawing Club, as the name implies is all about drawing - still an important part of the artist's toolkit. Being able to capture a character pose or an object/environment in a 2D medium is just as important of a skill to master as all the different software's.

The club began with life drawing sessions; way back at the old Shepherds Bush campus, serving as a way to meet other students and take an hour away from a screen to socially destress and doodle with pen and paper. More recently the club has been run from the basement of 190 HH and since lockdown, fully online. Studio Assistants take turns to host the club each week- with different prompt words and activities to inspire creativity.

Here’s what some of our attendees have to say about it:

"I think that the Drawing Club is great! It has a very welcoming and chill vibe to it that I really like and find relaxing and engaging. I also really like the drawing challenges that we get to do - especially as it encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and to attempt making drawings that I don't normally do. It's also fun to see how the other members draw and their thought process behind each image."

“The Drawing Club is an amazing way to boost your creativity and let your ideas flow while learning new skills and exploring different styles. Now with the Discord server it’s even easier to share everyone’s artworks. We also draw all together on a digital canvas for real time challenges: it’s great fun and the place to be for any student who wishes to improve or just wind down after class!”

Drawing club is a place for sharing art - judgement free! There is no pressure to attend every week- we understand that you have deadlines, we’ve been there! You can pop in whenever you want. The club takes place each week, every Tuesday and Thursday from 16:45 to 17:45. You can join us on our discord page by simply emailing Student Experience and having them add you. Hope to see some of you there!


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