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Creative Writing Vs. Procrastination

I haven’t written a single published novel and enjoy reading only the most tragic of sad stories…Now let me tell you all about creative writing! If you trust me...

You may be wondering, on top of retrospectives and the many self/peer marking sheets I have to complete, why would I volunteer to write even more and join the creative writing sessions?

“As somebody aspiring to become an animator, storytelling is the center of my passions”, is

what I would say to people to sound impressive; but really it was to stop procrastinating. My own novel has been basking in the sunshine of my laziness while sitting beside my sense of

productivity in the dust. I have not seen them for months, please send help. However, that was the great thing about these sessions; almost everyone was on the same boat. We all had some sort of writing project in progress, but in need of a push (or in my case a nice solid kick) to get the boat sailing again.

Each idea discussed and technique explored was adaptable into an array of writing formats,

making it perfect for the wide range of projects everyone was working on. By sharing our written work to our amazing speaker, Elena Chow, we were able to get in return feedback and inspiration. I would often leave each session with a checklist of ideas to employ (then proceeded to panic as the checklist was growing a lot faster than my actual novel).

The sessions elaborated on the creativity and freedom of writing. The notion of rules you must stick to is like the pirate’s code - they are more like guidelines. With this, it was almost like I had an epiphany. I hadn't realised how many rules were actually holding me back rather than assisting me. I was sitting around like Gollum holding my baby novel saying “Precious! Precious!”, but not doing anything with it. Who knew a zoom call with a bunch of like-minded strangers was exactly what I needed?


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