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Breathing, mental health and flexibility - Georgia and the Yoga lessons

I love yoga. It has become my escape during this pandemic as an activity that lets me focus completely on myself and helps me find peace during times of stress.

Every Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm, I stop whatever I’m doing, locate my purple yoga mat and get changed into my go-to leggings and a top. I find a quiet spot at home to set up my laptop and some speakers and then click on the Zoom link in my calendar. As I turn my camera on, I am immediately greeted by other faces, just as eager to start as I am and, at that moment, before the flow starts, I realise that we are all in the same boat together.

At the beginning of this year, the PBS newsletter caught my attention, offering a course of 6 weekly yoga classes on campus for only £10. I didn’t hesitate and immediately signed up.

I had always wanted to commit to yoga but practising in a studio just wasn’t doing it for me. As a student, the London yoga studios were far too expensive to go practice regularly. When I did find the courage to book an overcrowded class, I always felt out of place, squished between yummy mummies and fitness fanatics. I often found myself distracted and forgetting the true practice of yoga.

My university yoga experience was different. There were no strange faces, and everyone was a beginner. For an entire hour, I was able to focus on my body, my mind, the occasional tweak in my ankle and most importantly - my breathing. (shoutout to Bibi for reminding me to breathe!).

I continued to do yoga at home, practising with online teachers but as lockdown came around, Pearson College London started offering classes online and they were FREE! So, I immediately signed up again.

This one hour a week has kept me going through 2020. Yoga has become my holy grail. It is not purely a physical activity anymore, but it is my meditation. Yoga has helped me not only become stronger and more flexible, but more confident, happy and I am finally at peace with myself.



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