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Black History Month UK - Proud To Be: Why is it still important today?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

With the start of Black History Month UK, it’s time to celebrate the achievements and celebrations of members of the Black community not just throughout October but every day. It’s still important today that we recognise the contribution of members of the Black community to the UK because of their inspiring ideas, creative inventions and landmark changes that impact our society today.

This year’s theme is “Proud to Be'', inviting members of the Black community of all ages to come together around the UK to share what they are proud of. For example, proud to be Black and a member of the LGBTQ+ community or proud to be Black and a business owner. The aim of this year's campaign is to share both the personal experiences and the vast diversity that members of the Black community have contributed to the UK from all walks of life.

Well, let me share what’s on offer from the College for students. Firstly, we have a dedicated project called “Space for race” that’s led by students but supported by the Access and Participation Team. It’s a safe and non-judgemental space where all students and staff can come together to learn and share personal experiences of their cultural backgrounds. This is open to everyone to join, more information on this will be coming soon. Secondly, our counselling service if you feel you need guided support, our counselors are available to support you in a safe, non-judgement environment to explore your emotions.

As it is ‘Black History Month’, we thought it fitting to share with you all, another amazing group here at the College. PCL's African Caribbean Society, the all-inclusive community that aims to unify people with a passion and interest in Afro-Caribbean culture. The society has currently not been active but why not take this opportunity to be the person who brings it back to life! If you like the sound of that then email the PCSA here for more info on how to get started

Want to share your story? We would like to feature more of our students in our weekly blog content not just for Black History Month but for other events and celebrations too. Please feel free to reach out If you want to share your personal story, email me at:

Stay tuned for another blog coming out this month sharing the personal stories of upcoming black animators and visual effect specialists.


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