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Black History Month UK - Proud To Be: Inspiring generations to come!

Continuing with the theme “Proud To Be”, we thought to share the personal stories of upcoming black animators and visual effect specialists to inspire others and learn from their experiences.

Sharing personal stories of others can support us to further develop our own thinking and journeys in life.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right” - Rosa Parks

Firstly, introducing Chaz Bottoms, a director, writer, animator and the owner of CBA studios. From a young age Chaz has been interested in drawing and animations. This has led him to have multiple talented skills and has worked on exciting projects from short films to collaborating with singers. Chaz has worked with the likes of John Legend, Li Nas, Sony Music, Columbia Records, Atlantic Records, and Snapchat.

Secondly, introducing Will ‘Black Oni’ Wiggins, an esports gamer, content creator influenced by Black and Japanese culture. Black Oni has been passionate through creative design to express and tell stories through his love of gaming, podcasts and livestreaming on Twitch. Black Oni has been noted and highlighted in several major gaming publications for his work.

Finally, introducing Christopher Lafayette, an emergent technologist developer focusing on medical tech, virtual reality and AI. Christopher has been a well-recognised speaker speaking to Silicon Valley and around the world. Recently, set-up a Black technology mentorship program, continuing his work as an equality and inclusion advocate.

Throughout Black History Month UK, the Afro-caribbean Society and Pearson College London will have events going on to celebrate this month. For more information, please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

Our commitments across the College! Pearson College has many ongoing initiatives to support students across the College. Firstly, our dedicated BAME Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassador, who’s passionate to support other students through their personal experience and works with the Access and Participation Team. Secondly, our wider College student representatives who give feedback to academic staff regarding the College via the different committees. Thirdly, Pearson College Student Association, who have many societies to find liked minded students with similar interests and experience. If you would like to find out more information please email, our wellbeing and inclusivity ambassador team - or for student representatives - or for the PCSA -

We hope you have enjoyed reading our two part series for Black History Month UK. Here at Pearson College we are committed to supporting all students regardless of their background.


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