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Black History Month UK - Proud To Be: Inspiring generations to come!

Continuing with the theme “Proud To Be”, we thought to share the personal stories of upcoming black business leaders to inspire others and learn from their experiences.

Sharing personal stories of others can support us to further develop our own thinking and journeys in life.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right” - Rosa Parks

Firstly, introducing William Adoasi, a university drop-out and a social entrepreneur who founded “Vitae London”. Vitae London is a specialist watch and accessories social enterprise focusing on high quality affordable watches. Vitae London donates a percentage of their revenue to support children’s education in Africa. By providing them with a solar powered lamp to study with and a uniform to allow them to attend school.

Secondly, introducing Izzy Obeng, a founder of an award-winning social enterprise focusing on supporting digital start-ups and scalable businesses. Izzy has supported over 2,000 diverse business leaders in order to test and sustain their businesses for the future and has also provided mentoring opportunities.

Finally, introducing Dr Tunde Okewale MBE, a legal barrister despite his socioeconomic background, who later went on to join an internationally renowned legal chamber. Using his personal experiences and struggles, Tunde founded a charitable organisation called “Urban Lawyers”, an educational centre to educate, support and engage with young people about their attitudes towards the English legal system and policing. Tunde has inspired and supported many students into the legal profession via Urban Lawyers and provided them with work experience and other opportunities.

Throughout Black History Month UK, the Afro-caribbean Society and Pearson College London will have events going on to celebrate this month. For more information, please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

Our commitments across the College! Pearson College has many ongoing initiatives to support students across the College. Firstly, our dedicated BAME Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassador, who’s passionate to support other students through their personal experience and works with the Access and Participation Team. Secondly, our wider College student representatives who give feedback to academic staff regarding the College via the different committees. Thirdly, Pearson College Student Association, who have many societies to find liked minded students with similar interests and experience. If you would like to find out more information please email, our wellbeing and inclusivity ambassador team - or for student representatives - or for the PCSA -

We hope you have enjoyed reading our two part series for Black History Month UK. Here at Pearson College we are committed to supporting all students regardless of their background.


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