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Being a Student Ambassador, from a Student Ambassador!

Okay so what is a Student Ambassador? At Pearson College, we wanted prospective students to gain an authentic insight into what it’s like studying with us at both Escape Studios and Pearson Business School. Because of this, the role of ‘Student Ambassador’ was born, allowing current students to gain employment whilst also helping to rep our schools!

As a Student Ambassador I was able to choose how often I worked, with a monthly email showing me all the available shifts. I could work various lengths and no two were the same! I was interacting with students in various venues from campus tours to open day set-ups. It was such a great experience doing a job that never felt repetitive and allowed me to do what im best at...TALKING!

I have to say my favourite events were the ‘Open Days’ or ‘Unreal Tournaments’. The reason I love ‘Open Days’ is because there are so many things a Student Ambassador can get up to, like manning one of our stands! Mine was always the PCSA stand as I used to be the ‘Head of Societies’. Time for a guilty confession; I was highly motivated by the appeal of our Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cart which we sometimes roll out to attract you and your hungry peers!

And obviously, we have to talk about the ‘Unreal Tournaments’ held by Escape Studios. This is by far one of the best events I have been to. For one, there is nearly always pizza, which we get from our trusty pizzaria favourite, Echo Pizza! And secondly, the atmosphere there is nothing but infectious when you’re watching peers go head to head on some of your favourite video games!

In all honesty, this is just one window into what we get up to at the college and it doesn’t stop there! If you want to read more about the in’s and out’s of the community we built here, keep coming back! We will always having something great for you to read.


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